Hello Studio Yogis!

in case you haven’t noticed, Summer is in full swing - if you haven’t taken a moment to pause and take it all in, give yourself 5 minutes to sit quietly, contemplating the season thus far. Are you taking in ALL that summer has to offer? Farmer’s Markets, Days at the lake and Extra hours of sunshine abound!

As we spend more time away from The Studio in the summer, there are ways you can still practice your yoga. Maybe you take some time to meditate after your early morning walk or set aside a few minutes before bed to practice your chandra bhedana pranayama to help you chill out for a good night’s sleep.

And for those traveling this summer (and those who just can’t drag themselves to class in the summer), we are opening up an online studio portal that you can take with you! Look for an email in the next couple weeks with a link to The Studio Yoga Online.

Summer is busy - we get it :) We are making a few changes to accommodate for this:

1) NEW - GENTLE YOGA @ 6:30pm THURSDAYS - we are combining our two Thursday evening classes into one class that will start at 6:30PM. This class will be lead on rotation by Katie Dunlap and Hollie Longieliere. It’s been awhile since we’ve offered an evening Gentle class - this is the perfect unwind after a long hot summer day! We will return to our regular schedule in the Fall.

2) KEEP AN EYE ON THE SCHEDULE - We are encouraging students to pre-register for classes - We will be canceling classes ONE HOUR PRIOR to class start if there are no students registered for the class.

That’s all for now - Keep on enjoying that beautiful sunshine!

Om Shanti (Peace!)

The Studio Yoga

image by aleksandr eremin at Unsplash

image by aleksandr eremin at Unsplash